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Lee Smith

Design - Tips, Tricks and Tools

CADWorx Plant is the tool used to help design structural and piping systems in the plant designers world. As with any tool, knowing how and when to use it is an important part of any good design. Knowledge of structural and piping systems is another important part of good plant and skid design. In this session you will learn good design practices based on industry standards and years of experience. This session is intended for everyone from just starting out to seasoned pros.

Joseph Dixon

The Future of CADWorx

What is the future of CADWorx? Where is it going and how will it effect your plant design plans for the future? In this session we will discuss the direction of CADWorx and how it relates to the plant design industry.

CADWorx Round Table Discussion

Join the CADWorx users as we discuss topics of importance in the plant design industry. This will be an open discussion of plant design in general and CADWorx in particular. Express your opinion, help others with general issues and enjoy the knowledge presented.

Michael Conaway

Advanced Modeling Techniques

Using CADWorx Plant you can model any type of piping project you desire. Sometimes you need to look at alternative ways to develop your models using different tools and techniques inside CADWorx. In this session you will learn how to use some of these tools and techniques to enhance your productivity.

Josh Sampson

Model Organization

Large and small models require careful planning to make their development and use efficient. Many times models are used for different purposes - from overall plant layouts to equipment details to subsystem drawings. This can be very complex if a good model organization is not developed and followed. In this session you will see one way of developing a good model organization plan and begin to see ways you can implement a good design for your organization.


Ashraf Taha

CADWorx FieldPipe

CADWorx fieldPipe 2013 will be a huge improvement in as built modeling for anyone with point cloud data. This class will show you how to leverage your point cloud data to build intelligent CADWorx Models and take full advantage of all the functionality in CADWorx Plant Pro 2013. See how quickly you can build pipelines with simple point selections. Learn how the intelligent pipe routing can cut your modeling time by a factor of TEN. Walk away with a clear plan to move forward with the tools you will see demonstrated. Whether you have a single pipe run to model or a complete plant you will clearly see the advantages of using CADWorx fieldPipe 2013.


Kevin Kang

CADWorx 2013 Specifications

See the ins and outs of the all new CADWorx Catalog and Spec Editor. Learn how the new catalog is structured and how this benefits you in adding new components and modifying existing ones. Gain a full understanding of how to organize multiple catalogs to leverage the full power of CADWorx 2013. Learn how the spec editor uses the power of the catalog to build complete project specs with ease and accuracy. See how you can easily manage complete project specifications from one location and with a simple interface.


Sonia Delgadillo

CADWorx 2013 Modeling

Learn how the new functionality of CADWorx 2013 will benefit you and your company as you become more productive and valuable. See how the new flexible rules inside of CADWorx will increase the accuracy of your designs. Using the new branch table will help you quickly produce the right piping configuration with confidence. Adding minimum and maximum pipe lengths to the model will help you control your materials and construction costs. With the new assembly builder you now have the ability to create standard  assemblies to be used over and over again. Leave the conference with the tools needed to improve the productivity of your entire team.
Clark Johnson
CADWorx P&ID in the Real World

CADWorx P&ID is a very powerful tool used to generate P&ID's. See how one company has taken the power of CADWorx P&ID and extended it to meet their ERP needs. As you see the flexability of CADWorx P&ID and the powerful database link you will begin to develop your own plans to leverage these very important tools.

                                                        CADWorx Labs

Dominik Hepp

ISOGEN Optimization

ISOGEN is very powerful and this session will demonstrate some of this power by creating custom symbols and detail sketches. We will learn how to add detail sketches to our isometrics and  create our own SKEYs using the Symbol Editor. Learn how to use component symbol keys (SKEYs) in ISOGEN and the symbol editor to create custom symbols and assign your own SKEY. This allows users to produce isometrics with symbols that accurately represent items placed in the plant model. Learn how to have ISOGEN use the assigned symbols automatically and to develop detail sketches. This helps standardize and speed up the creation of isometrics that contain unique symbols and details to help clarify such things as fabrication, welding, support requirements, etc.

Carol McComb

CADWorx 2013 Specifications

Leverage the power of the all new Catalog and Spec Editor. Learn how to save time building project Specs. Experience hands on the simplicity of building thousands of piping components using the Catalog Editor. Walk away with a complete understanding of how to remove the frustrations of managing multiple project specs by including them in a single project file. Learn how with a few selections you can create a complete branch table. Using this new branch table you can control the branch selections available to the designer on the project. Build your standard company project specs with ease and accuracy.

Chad Snider

CADWorx 2013 Modeling

Creating project models has never been easier then it is today with CADWorx 2013. Experience hands on the new advanced power of CADWorx in this lab class. When the class is ended you will have confidence in using the new functionality to quickly and accurately create project models. Learn how to quickly route a complex pipe run as easy as drawing a 3D polyline in AUTOCAD. Build a complete piping system then see how easy it is to modify with Change Size and Change Spec. Moving a line or repositioning components is as easy as moving your mouse. Try it yourself and be amazed at how much time you save modifing your models. Leave the conference with confidence in your ability to build complex models and manage the changes needed on any project.


Rod Abbott

CADWorx 2013 Advanced Modeling

Building on the CADWorx 2013 Modeling LAB this course will give you an indepth experience building models with CADWorx 2013. Work with the new functionality of CADWorx 2013 gaining confidence to be able to benefit your team back home. See indepth the differnt ways to route pipe and build a complete model. When you are finished with this LAB you will be ready to build any project using CADWorx 2013.

Jack Hollenbeck

Isogen Network Standardization in the Real World
In the real world, PC-based Isogen settings are notorious for being changed without notice, leading to major spool variations from designer to designer in content and layout.  Reduce confusion and errors in fabrication by maintaining standardized spools with a network-based Isogen configuration.  Learn how to create, customize, and maintain network-based settings, and libraries of your company's custom detail sketches and S-KEY's.  We will also discuss how to convert your company's current Project Manager setting files to the I-Configure format.  If time permits, we will also show how to maintain network security while maximizing user versatility, and how to create and link custom pipe support S-KEY’s in the pipe support palette.  
David Diehl

CAESAR II Pipe Stress Analysis for Designers

This webinar describes how “pipe stress analysis” satisfies the advanced requirements of piping designers. Through proper line specification, routing and support location, piping designers are equipped to address the bulk of the reliability and safety issues associated with pressure piping systems.  But some piping systems require formal engineering review – the sort of review found in Intergraph CAESAR II. This session will describe the basic uses for CAESAR II (Hint: It’s more than just pipe stress) and conclude with a demonstration of this engineering process.