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Lunch Time Sponsor Presentations

Monday - September 24, 2012

Intergraph CAS - Learn more about Intergraph’s newest product - CADWorx I&E

CADWorx I&E is the newest member of Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solution fast growing product family. CADWorx I&E supports instrumentation, control and electrical engineering during all plant life cycle phases. The product handles basic engineering, conceptual design and the specification of devices, as well as detailed engineering covering all aspects of design, even down to wires, pins and terminals. The new CADWorx I&E extends the CADWorx portfolio capabilities by automating instrumentation and electrical deliverables creation, and doing so with speed,  accuracy and ease.

Join our Monday session and learn how you company can benefit from the power of CADWorx I&E.

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Tuesday - September 25, 2012

LISEGA - Pipe Support Design Process - LISEGA's LICAD hanger design software interface with 2D and 3D software

  • LISEGA General Information
  • Pipe Support Engineering Design Process
  • Walk Through an Example of Pipe Support Design Process
  • Utilizing Caesar Output to Generate Pipe Support Design Data
  • LICAD – A State of Art Pipe Support Design Tool by LISEGA -- Demonstration
  • Export  LICAD design information  to 2D & 3D Platforms

Leica - Processing Laser Scans into Deliverables with Cyclone

Cyclone provides unmatched office productivity, automating many time-consuming tasks and even letting multiple users work on the same data sets simultaneously – thanks to Cyclone’s Object/Database foundation.

Efficient Point Cloud Manipulation & Navigation
Leica Cyclone has many features that let users work efficiently with rich laser scan data sets. Cyclone's Level of Detail (LOD) graphics display and visualization modes allow users to “see through” walls, apply shaded rendering, or enhance edges for improved comprehension of dense point clouds.   Cyclone MODEL’s friendly key plan and TruSpace panoramic viewing modes provide intuitive navigation and viewing options.

High-Performance Modeling for a Wide Range of Applications
Accurately model a selected geometry type, such as pipes, planes, and topographic surfaces. Least-squares fitting and quality-of-fit statistics ensure reliable results, while Cyclone's advanced memory management provides high performance.

Wealth of Plant & Structure-specific Tools
Continuous pipe runs, including elbows, can be modeled automatically.  Best-fit modeling and catalog fitting of 3D steel shapes.  Cyclone's Piping Mode even lets plant designers add piping data including specification, line ID and insulation thickness. Validation of proposed design models – including clash detection – can be done within Cyclone.

Rich Tool Set for Civil, Architectural and Other Applications
For excavation and grading, Surface Deviation tools provide accurate quantity calculations. Volume and area for cut and fill are precisely calculated. Output options include volumes, contours, and/or tables including elevation differences at a user specified grid sample. A Clearance tool even finds and reports absolute minimum vertical and horizontal clearances for demolition and construction sequencing.

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